Our Commitment

1. On receipt of application forms, applications will be reviewed to confirm complete information provided. You either receive a confirmation of receipt and quote being produced or if the scope of our organisation is outside our UKAS accreditation, your application may be refused. You will be notified accordingly.

2. Your Quotation for an Assessment will be sent to you from receipt of your application.

3. Your Lead Auditor will be appointed from receipt of your signed quotation.

4. Your Lead Auditor will contact you prior to your audit.

5. Your assessment report will be completed and emailed to you in a timely manner from the last day on site.

6. Your official approval for certification will be notified to you in a timely manner after your Stage 2 assessment or recertification.

7. Your certificate will be sent to you on the successful verification of the decision.

8. Your Branding Guidelines will be sent to you on the successful verification of the decision.

9. Your logos will be sent to you after receipt of your Branding Guidelines acceptance email.

10. We will contact you 3 months prior to your surveillance or 4 months prior to your recertification assessments, to ensure you are on target for your next visit.


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Get in touch with ACM on 0845 504 6262 or email: info@acmcert.com