Specifically designed for the private security industry.

The ACM–CCAS Passport Scheme is unique and specifically designed for security firms who want to hold multiple standards. Not only does the ACM–CCAS Passport Scheme save you time and money it is far less obtrusive than having multiple assessments across the year.

Which standards does the ACM-CCAS Passport Scheme combine?

Read more about the ACM-CCAS Passport Scheme tiers here, and the standards you can combine.

What are the benefits of the ACM-CCAS Passport Scheme?

Be more efficient  – As assessments are combined, you’re only paying and preparing for one audit per year. The standards also have some cross-over meaning you can easily integrate them with other management systems.

Improve your processes –All the standards require you to follow best practices thus saving you time and money and improving inefficiencies.

Highlight your commitment your stakeholders – Voluntary certification to the standards proves your commitment to your stakeholders and your continual drive for improvement.

Win new business – The standards are all nationally recognised, and will set you apart from your competitors.

Are you eligible to seek ACS Approval via the ACM-CASS Passport Scheme?

Most businesses that provide licensable individuals under a contract to supply security industry services in the United Kingdom will be eligible to gain ACS approval via the ACM-CCAS Passport Scheme.

Please note, achieving the ACM-CCAS Passport Scheme, does not automatically guarantee certification to the Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) as ultimately the final decision is determined by the SIA.

Learn more about the ACM-CCAS Passport process.

What comes next?

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