The SIA’s quality assurance scheme for the private security industry.

To achieve the Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS), each applicant needs to meet the requirements of the  7 main headings beginning with Criterion 1 – Strategy through to Criterion 7 – Leadership. All of the criterions consist of key indicators of good practice, which can be found here, along side the ACS audit process.

What are the benefits of the ACS?

Customer centric service – As an ACS Approved Contractor you demonstrate your commitment to customer service, responsiveness and adoption of best practices as a part of the approval process.

Best working practices – You can prove you and your team meet a high level of quality, integrity and commitment, as an ACS Approved Contractor

Improve you’re reputation – Being an ACS Approved Contractor  is a differentiator and can help you stand out from the crowd. Your showcasing your integrity and positioning  your company as a responsible one to work with.

As the scheme is voluntary it shows your stakeholders you are committed to continual improvement.

How to become an SIA Approved Contractor?

To find out more about how to become an Approved Contractor, please read the official SIA ACS application guidance document.

What comes next?

If you have already received your approval letter from the SIA, all you need to do now is fill in our application form. One of our friendly team will be in touch with a quote and to support you through the next stages of the process.

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