Nationally recognised standards applicable to the security sector

British Standards Product Conformity Certification is a process by which your products/ services are assessed to conform to British Standards applicable to your industry. Compliance assures your customers that they will receive consistent products/ services due to the controls you have in place.

ACM-CCAS offers British Standards Product Conformity for the security industry in accordance with the regulators (SIA’s) principles.  British Standards Product Conformity is an excellent choice for any organisation wanting to ensure its products outshine competitors.

What are the benefits of the British Standards Product Conformity Certifications?

  • Provide confidence to your customer of your products/ services
  • Prove your services are operating in accordance with industry recognised British Standards
  • British Standard Product Conformity is more cost effective than other management systems
Relevant codes of Practice:
  • BS 7984 – Keyholding and response services
  • BS 7958 – Close circuit television – Management and operation
  • BS 7499 – Static site guarding and mobile response patrol service
  • BS 7858 – Security screening of individuals employed in a security environment.
  • BS 7960 – Door Supervision

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