BS 76000

Improve how you manage, develop, engage and value your people

BS 76000 is the first in a series of British Standards designed to help you manage and value your people more effectively. By becoming certified with ACM your organisation is making a statement about your commitment to its people, that you are a good organisation to work for and that you can value the performance of your people.

What are the benefits of BS 76000?

Whether you want to improve employee engagement, reduce staff recruitment costs or improve your people’s individual and collective performance, working with BS 76000 will help you improve your business performance.

Whatever your initial motivation, implementing BS 76000 and recognising and putting a value on your people will:

  • Build stronger employer / employee relationships

  • Improve your standing as an employer of choice

  • Improve how your people are managed and valued

  • Improve equality and diversity management

  • Increase job satisfaction and morale

Is it for me?

  • BS 76000 is suitable for both large and small organisations and is ideal for those who require an independent third party review of how you recognise, engage and measure the value of your employees.

  • It is also ideal for those who have held or are considering IIP or those who have developed their people management systems and are looking at external validation of these for the first time.

What is the process?

  • The process is quite simple and where you start depends on your existing knowledge and understanding. We are running a series of workshops for clients to help introduce the standard and its requirements. These are led by one of our qualified assessors so gives you a unique opportunity to meet and discuss with one of the experts.

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Why ACM?

Having delivered over 6,000 client assessments through the EMB Group, including Investors in People (IIP), we are experts in providing management system audits as well as assessing HR people management and leadership processes.

We can provide a stand-alone review of your management system for BS 76000 or we can run a parallel assessment with a number of other standards, for example, IIP, ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 to name a few.   Please call our technical team to discuss your needs on 0845 504 6262.


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