Get prepared for certification

Preparation for ISO certification can be stressful and time-consuming, especially when you need to keep your business running as usual. But it doesn’t need to be daunting, or even hard work. With some simple preparation, you’ll soon be on your way to certification – if you’re just take a look at these top tips.

Get a copy of the standard

To be able to prepare for your certification you need to have access to at least one copy of the standard /standards you are working towards so you know the requirements that you are going to be audited against.

Mandatory documents

The mandatory documents required are the scope and the policy and justification for any justification for exclusions specified.

Documentation and records

For all documentation that are required to be retained. Records like contracts, job descriptions, training records, management reviews and internal audits are required to be available and accessible.

Training and support

It can be quite useful to get people on introduction to the standard course to get people on board with what the organisation is planning on going through so they are well informed and ready to contribute through their roles. Internal communications is a requirement to confirm that processes and procedures are circulated and accessible to everyone in the organisation.

Processes in place

Good processes in place require measurements to monitor and review performance and identify problems. Once the root cause of the problem has been identified it becomes easy to rectify and implement corrective actions and update your processes accordingly.

Continuous Improvement

ISO standards help organisation to grow by identifying best practice, opportunities as well as identifying risks.

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