ACM Iran are the approved and authorised partner of ACM-CCAS Limited based in the UK. ACM-CCAS Limited in the UK hold ISO 17021 accreditation with UKAS and each partner has a contract which is supported by strict operating process to ensure that the accreditation requirements imposed on ACM-CCAS Limited are not breached.

ACM Iran are continually monitored in terms of report reviews, auditor approval and monitoring , office assessments and witnessing of auditors.

Sectors covered:

  • Food industries, hotel and restaurant
  • Chemical, rubber and plastic, metal industries and machinery
  • Automotive parts , electrical and optical equipment
  • Aviation services including: airport, heliport and helideck
  • Transportation services, recycling and waste management services, water and gas supply
  • Petrochemical, oil and gas, construction
  • General wholesale
  • Information technology
  • Technical and engineering services
  • Training institutes, laboratories and inspection bodies
  • Hospital services

Tel: (+9821) 44162801
Fax: (+9821) 44162802