Protect corporate and client data from security breaches

The ISO 27001 standard is internationally recognised for information security. It provides a framework for managing valuable assets, such as financial data, intellectual property, employee details and information entrusted by third parties. It helps you to recognise risks, and effectively manage people and systems so ensure that important information is well protected.

With all the new strict regulations enforced to protect data and the increase in cyber attacks, an ISO 27001 certification has become a real necessity for organisations regardless of the sector of their business activity.

ISO 27001 benefits to businesses

Keep data safe – The ISMS implemented effectively safeguard the accessibility and confidentiality of the data on your systems, ensuring that your staff and your clients are protected to international standards.

Protect against breaches – Whether it’s a cyber attack, error or natural disaster, with an ISO 27001 certification, you’ll have a strong framework to prevent or eliminate the chance of a breach.

Improve your reputation – Showcase your integrity and position your business as a responsible company to work with.

There are plenty of others benefits that come with this an ISO 27001 standard, including:

  • Positions you more competitively for tenders and new business opportunities
  • Get global recognition from an international market
  • This can link to ISO 22301 which the business continuity standard
  • Avoid hefty fines for non-compliance

Helping you with GDPR compliance

GDPR should be on everyone’s radar by now, and you likely already have measures in place to address it. An ISO 27001 standard is a great way to demonstrate that you protect your information assets, and that you’re using best practice security measures.

What comes next?

Feeling unsure of the process of getting an ISO 27001 certification, or a bit overwhelmed? That’s normal – we understand the challenges too! All of our auditors have big experience through working with a lot of businesses, so they’re best placed to work with you – it’s actually much more simple than you might think.

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