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ISO certification is an essential investment for contractors, helping to bring operations in line with best practices and comply with necessary regulations.

We provide a number of ISO construction standards, including:

  • ISO 9001 – this is the standard for quality management
  • ISO 45001 – the standard for reducing workplace accidents
  • ISO 50001 – the standard for energy management

If you’re unsure which certification will be best for your business, our experts will be able to help you break it down and find the right one to help you excel.

How do ISO standards benefit the construction industry?

Although it’s intended to span a broad range of topics, standardisation can help with a number of issues specific to the construction industry. Here are just a few:

Injury prevention and risk management – ISO certification is one of the best ways to protect your workforce from accident and injury. It will ensure you’re operating in line with best practices, and give clear guidance on how to respond to and prevent health and safety incidents.

Efficiency – Essential in the construction industry, ISO standards enable better processes and a higher output quality, which will ultimately help to win tenders.

Project management – Through effective quality control, you can really start to streamline project management and the overall costs of the operation. You can even make sure that suppliers are monitored via an approved list.

Control your impact on the environment – Help manage the environmental impact of your operation, and bring this in line with your wider business goals.

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It’s not simply ISO standards for construction businesses we provide. We’ve worked with several sectors, including:

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