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Customers rightfully need to know that the food they’re buying is safe to eat. Food-borne illnesses can be at best unpleasant and at worst life-threatening, so it’s important that the restaurants industry is properly regulated.

The same goes for hotels; customers spend a lot of money on hotel accommodation, and expect a high quality service that’s efficient, comfortable and enjoyable.

Here are just a few of the standards that are relevant to this sector:

  • ISO 9001 – the quality management standard
  • ISO 50001 – the energy management standard

If you’re not sure of the standard to suit you, our team can help you understand the basics and see exactly what’s going to transform your business.

How can hotels and restaurants benefit from ISO standards?

While all of our standards can benefit a broad range of sectors, there are a few advantages specific to the success of the hospitality industry. For example:

Enhance food safety – ISO standards for the food industry will ensure that all food items that leave the kitchen are safe for customers to eat.

Build consumer trust – If customers have visibility of your commitment to quality, they’re naturally going to build up trust and respect for your business. They’ll also be more likely to buy with you on a regular basis.

Reduce the risk of bad publicity – Negative experiences in a food establishment can often find their way into the public eye, normally to the detriment of the business. ISO certification will help to prevent problematic outputs, and therefore minimise the risk of any bad PR.

It’s not just ISO standards for restaurants and hotels we offer. We’ve worked with many sectors, including:

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