For a safer, more environmentally-friendly workplace

ISO recycling and waste management certification is a great way to ensure you’re working within approved guidelines and to reduce any negative impacts on the world around us.

Some of the ISO standards we offer that are suitable for the recycling and waste management industry include:

  • ISO 45001 – the standard for occupational health and safety
  • ISO 14001 – the standard for environmental management
  • ISO 50001 – the standard for energy management

Not sure what standards will benefit your business the most? We’ll be happy to work with you and advise the most suitable ones.

How will ISO standards affect the recycling industry?

There are many benefits to certification that are specific to this sector, including:

Meet compliance levels – Stay on top of strict industry regulations with the help of the certification, and avoid heavy heavy fines and potential prosecution.

Help prevent pollution – ISO standards can help you manage and reduce the impact of landfill gas on the surrounding environment, therefore reducing the likelihood of any fines or negative publicity that often come hand-in-hand with it.

Keep employees safe – The waste management sector can be one of the most dangerous environments to work in. With the right ISO standards in place, you can prevent putting your workforce at risk and reduce the number of accidents on the job.

Not only are we experts in ISO standards in the waste management sector, but we also provide standards for the following sectors:

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