International standards for security services

You can ensure that your organisation is well-positioned to carry out key operations including security guarding, surveillance and transporting cash and valuables.

Some of the ISO standards that are most relevant to the security sector include:

  • ISO 14001– the standard for environmental management
  • ISO 45001 – the standard for health and safety
  • ISO 9001 – the standard for quality control

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How can the security services benefit from ISO standards?

There are many advantages that the security sector can enjoy from ISO certification. Here are just a few:

Better, more efficient security – Your organisation will be able to run more efficiently, resulting in a boost in productivity, as well as being able to better meet the needs of your clients.

Increased safety standards – Reduce risks associated with the job, and ensure your employees stay safe in the workplace.

Stay compliant – Legislation is always evolving, so it’s important to stay up to date. Standards help you to remain legally compliant, with personnel who are properly trained for the job.

Build trust with consumers – Certification acts as a demonstration of your integrity, proving your honest intentions as well as your commitment to quality.

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