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We offer several standards that are suitable for transport and logistics, including:

  • ISO 50001 – the energy management system
  • ISO 22301 – the business continuity management system
  • ISO 14001 – the environmental management system

Not sure which iso construction standards are suitable for your business? We can help you break it down and understand the full process and benefits, tailored to you.

How can ISO standards help the transport & logistics industry?

A reliable logistics network is built on a solid framework, and that’s exactly what standards have to offer. Some of the main advantages can include:

Environmental impact – Stay aware of how your business is impacting the environment and minimise your footprint where possible by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. You can also better manage your energy efficiency and reduce costs.

Quality management – The quality of the logistics process needs to be visible from end-to-end, for clients and the workforce alike. With ISO standards, you can ensure the best possible service at every stage of your operation.

Business continuity – Having a contingency plan is essential for a successful transport operation. Standards help keep deliveries on time, no matter what unexpected events your business might face in the future.

Cost control – With effective processes and systems in place, project and fleet management soon becomes streamlined, bringing costs down across the board.

Our auditors can deliver valuable insight and identify best practise for the following sectors:

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