Gihan Azab

Head of Operations, Sale &, Marketing

Gihan has extensive experience of working within local and international markets in the field of customer service. She has worked in the UK, USA and the Middle East in various customer service and marketing roles, which have given her significant experience of international markets and dealing with different industries and customer journeys.

Gihan has good communication skills which enables her to work effectively with people, both internally with team members and externally with clients and partners, including international agents.

Gihan is knowledgeable about the various ISO standards, which enables her to provide general support to customer enquiries, including the costing of fee proposals for prospective clients.

Gihan manages the customer journey from the beginning until initial certification and throughout the certification cycles. Her responsibilities cover all UK clients, as well as international clients certified directly with UK. She oversees all customer service enquiries, costings and other audit requirements, including auditors’ availability and allocations.

Gihan also manages the ACM events programme of workshops and training for various ISO standards, as well as other special events and in-house training. She also manages the ACM website, social media marketing and other marketing activities.

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