We have taken the difficult decision to implement a voluntary suspension of the UKAS accreditation of ACM Certification Limited (ACM), effective immediately. 


Why has this action been taken?

Following the acquisition of ACM in 2021, we have been completing a full review of ACM’s operations to ensure compliance with UKAS requirements. During that review, we identified a key control failure in one of the operations which, as a UKAS-accredited body, we are obliged to respond to. Therefore, the decision was made to maintain the integrity of the accredited certification.


What does this mean for my certification?

The current status of all current UKAS-accredited certificates issued to clients will remain unaffected, however, whilst the accreditation suspension is in place, certificates that expire cannot be recertified with a UKAS accredited certificate.  


Of course, we recognise the importance of ensuring our clients can maintain UKAS-accredited certification and therefore we are working closely with UKAS and our local partners to remedy the situation in the shortest possible timescales.


Where can I get further information? 

We look forward to providing you with a positive update, shortly. In the meantime, our local partners will be available to answer any questions you may have.